• View of Santa Rosa de Copan
    View of Santa Rosa de Copan
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Santa Rosa is a colonial city, founded in the 18th century under the name of "Los Llanos". It is a major production point of western Honduras, of corn and beans, but mostly tobacco. In the early 19th century it becomes a municipality and adopts the name of its patron saint, Santa Rosa de Lima. The main buildings were built then, with adobe walls, spacious corridors and central gardens, wrought iron balconies with wood and clay tile roofs, which are still preserved. On this tour you visit the Cathedral, the Copan Workers Society, the Central Market and the Hispano Cinema, among others.

If you want a panoramic view of Santa Rosa and its tile roofs, visit El Cerrito Centennial Park, to the east, inaugurated to commemorate 100 years of having received the title of city, that houses a memorial to the Mayan cultural heritage among trees and flowers.

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