• Sighting Whale Shark
    Sighting Whale Shark
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The harmless whale shark, a non-stop long-distance swimmer, is the world's largest fish and moves throughout the year along the Mesoamerican Reef searching for plankton, marine organisms and fish eggs to feed on. It grows up to 12 m/40 ft. long, weighting 17,000 k/37,000 lbs. (more than 3 elephants) and prefers marine areas on the continental shelf.

Utila is the only island of the archipelago, where whale sharks are spotted the most. Pumpkin Hill Bank, Black Hills and Turtle Harbor are where most sightings are reported, less frequently in Blackish Point and Rock Harbour, and sporadically off of Roatan and Cayos Cochinos.

Utila is the main place to have whale shark experiences all year long. There you can swim and interact with one, using snorkeling gear. September and October, March and April are the peak seasons for whale sharks in the area.

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