• Botanical Garden Lancetilla
    Botanical Garden Lancetilla

The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is the world's second largest tropical garden. It has the largest collection of exotic plants in Latin America, with species native to Oceania, Africa and Asia, and is home or migration rest stop for over 300 species of birds.

The banana company created it in 1925 in the Lancetilla valley as a research center which also experimented with tropical plants with economic potential.

Lancetilla, with different soil types and micro-climates, is organized into 3 areas: the Arboretum, which is a garden of trees and woody plants from all the tropical areas of the world, the virgin biological Reserve, of about 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres), which is the source for the water supply of Tela and an experimental plantation zone.

It is just minutes from downtown Tela and the natural archways in which the tall bamboos are bent when at the entrance, “the bamboo tunnel”, have already become an icon of the garden and the city.

Difficulty: Easy. 

It is located just minutes from downtown Tela, close to the road leading to Tela from San Pedro Sula or El Progreso.

Reached by land, you can get there by using private or public transportation, or by joining an organized tour. Lancetilla is one of those off-the-beaten-path places you’ll be glad you discovered, a fascinating choice for nature lovers, fans of birds and plant life, for families or groups of friends who are looking to enjoy the other types of green that the Honduran Caribbean offers. 

Walking the trails at Lancetilla allows you to get to know the valley, its tropical forest and the river basin, where you find more than 1,200 species of trees and plants living in the world's second largest tropical garden. Guided tours by Garden staff let you get to know the animals, plants, stories and anecdotes that have grown and accumulated for more than 85 years, since the scientist Wilson Popenoe founded Lancetilla for the United Fruit Company.

Lancetilla is one of the main sites for bird-watching in the country, with over 300 species identified.

Fans of plants and animals, hikers and bird-watchers find in Lancetilla a fantastic place to spend a lot of time.