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  • Puente Colgante sobre el río Choluteca
    Puente Colgante sobre el río Choluteca - Hanging Bridge over the Choluteca River
  • Iglesia de Choluteca
    Iglesia de Choluteca - Church of Choluteca
  • Cerro Guanacaure
    Cerro Guanacaure
  • Blue Tailed Humminbird
    Blue Tailed Humminbird
  • Iglesia La Merced en Choluteca
    Iglesia La Merced en Choluteca
  • La Casa Valle
    La Casa Valle
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It is the city with the greatest historic and economic importance in southern Honduras. Other attractions include mangroves and beaches, plus a few culinary delights.

Chorotega Indians came in 1000 A.D., calling it the "wide valley". And in the colonial era it became an area of large estates. Even today the agribusiness sector dominates, now producing melons, shrimp, salt and cattle.

The Spanish arrived in the 16th century settling near rich mines. The colonial era survives in the best preserved historic downtown in Honduras, notably in the 2 churches and houses where José Cecilio del Valle, author of the Act of Independence, and Dionisio de Herrera, the first head of state, were born.

Between September and January, the coastal mangroves are a paradise for fans of migratory birds and one thing you cannot allow is to leave this city without tasting its fresh quesillo en capas cheese , the city is at just 2 hours from Tegucigalpa

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