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Church San Manuel de Colohete

Colosuca Circuit

This is an association of municipalities in the center of Lempira that share common interests, pasts and futures. Gracias, La Campa, San Marcos de Caiquín, San Manuel de Colohete, San Sebastián de Colosuca and Belén form this group, with Lenca origins and colonial traditions framed by stunning and rugged mountain landscapes.

Destination : Copan Ruinas and west Honduras


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White Water Rafting in Honduras

Did you know that White Water Rafting in Honduras is some of the best in Central America?

Honduras promotes charms in Germany

A delegation from Honduras participates for the first time for four days at the fair International Boot Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, to unveil a specialized audience the beauty and underwater wealth that keeps this Honduran archipelago.

Airlines including Roatan as a destination

Airlines in Europe, Brazil and Canada, are considering including the island of Roatan.

Veendam cruise reaches Trujillo

Volendam Holland America Line cruise arrived on Wednesday at the bay of Trujillo, Colón, with 1,286 tourists.

"Roatan, the magical island of coral"

"Roatan, the magical island of coral" published in the French language by the popular online newspaper Canada..